Quenton’s Submarine-Light Ship Adventure

This piece was dictated to me by my six year old son.  Enjoy!

Quenton’s Submarine-Light Ship Adventure

            I went on a submarine.  That submarine was the USS Torsk.  I slept on a submarine.  I went and ate on a light ship.  The light ship was the Light Ship Chesapeake.  I did it with my cub scout friends and my dad.

On the way, I saw a Mormon Church, a hot rod, a clock tower and a big money sign on a bank.  When we first got there we played tag near the submarine.  We did activities.  I took lots of pictures.  We got there in the afternoon.  We had the second biggest bag to carry things in. I brought one of my sleeping pillows, one of my tooth brushes, one of my flossers, and one of my tubes of toothpaste and more.

One of the activities was making a boat and seeing how many fish weights could fit in it before it sunk.  I got nine fish weights.  My dad got seven.  Most people got four weights before it sinks.  There were some boy scouts that thought the limit was the weight that sinks it.  That is not true.  What is true is the number before it sinks it.

There was a tour on the submarine.  There is a huge sleeping place on the submarine.  We start the tour at one of the torpedo rooms.  I think it was the aft torpedo room.  We went forward through the other rooms before we came to the bedroom.  Then we went to the forward torpedo room from there.  There was an officer’s country right after the dining room and kitchen.  Officer’s country is where the officers sleep and go to the bathroom.  I was lots of electrical equipment.  It was a diesel-electricity submarine.  I heard that in the tour.  There was electrical equipment on the ceiling including pipes and wires.  There were switch boards on the walls for opening and closing the doors.  There was an emergency helm in the control room.  The control room is the most important part of the submarine because it is second in command of the submarine.  The Captain room of the submarine is the bridge.  The Captain room means it’s the room that is in charge.

We did a scavenger hunt.  It was all about finding things and finding what they do.  The scavenger hunt was really, really fun. Me and my dad did the scavenger hunt. All the rest of the people did it too.  We found all of the things that were listed which included electrical equipment, what the equipment did, water pipes and more.  We had to find a 10-cylinder engine and find out what it did.  It wasn’t to propel the ship.  It ran something on the ship I think.

We were sleeping in the bedroom in the submarine which was fun.  I slept in a little cove with two little kids around me.  I slept on the bottom bunk.  My dad was on the top bunk on the other row.  There was a little kid above me and a little kid next to me.  There were two emergency lights.  They stayed on.  One was in my dad’s face.  It was like on his nose and really, really bright.  I didn’t even wake up when daddy shook me because he wanted to get me up for the night watch.  Daddy did the night watch alone because I couldn’t wake up.  I wouldn’t mind sleeping on there for six months.

We went on a peddle boat after we toured two other ships, the Constellation and the Taney.  The Taney was a Coast Guard Ship, a Coast Guard Cutter.  It even had two of it’s life boats still intacted.  One of the life boats was a two motor inflatable.  The other was just a row boat.  Have you ever seen a two engine inflatable? It is a motor boat.  The peddle boat me and my dad went on was the biggest one we could find.  A purple dragon boat to be exact.  It could steer in all directions: backwards, forwards, side to side!

The whole weekend was fun.  I would recommend other people do it.  It was in Baltimore, Maryland.  Oh by the way, this is the summary.  Bye, dear readers, this is Quenton.  Bye!


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