Light Science at Home

I have always loved science. Maybe that is why I get giddy just thinking about doing science at home with our son and eventually our daughter as well.  Everything science related at our house is hands on and interactive so it works better with friends.  Families have varied schedules, coming in and out of our group, but we try to have at least one other child over on science day.  It feels good to share my passion and it helps our son practice teamwork and problem solving.

This past week we did several experiments exploring light. We investigated household objects for translucency or opacity. Using colored cellophane we talked about light waves, colors and investigated what we can see through different colors. Color wheels where made and spun to make all the colors come together in our brains to make white. The boys were so intent on the projects.

My favorite part was the discussion with the boys about why a straw looks bent when you look at it in a glass half full of water. At first each thought the straw was actually bent.  Once that hypothesis was disproven they came up with different theories including it being a trick of our own brain. Still amazes me the concepts a 6 year old can start to grasp when exploring the world. In the end I explained the idea of light waves slowing down in water as compared to air. Not sure they completely understood the concept of refraction but that is not the point. The point is to allow them think about what they observe using the scientific method and that we accomplished. Another day in the win column. 


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