Parkour Anyone?

Parkour?  What is Parkour?  Those where my first thoughts when a friend suggested we join in. Did everyone know about this new craze but me? Turns out Parkour is a great fit for our active, big for his age son to learn some agility and allow him to see his city like surroundings in a new light. I am by no means an expert but from what I have seen at our local urban gym Parkour is learning to navigate any area, especially urban ones, like an obstacle course. Our six year old son has learned to hang and drop safely from heights, climb walls and large blocks using only hand and feet, balance on all sorts of things, roll and jump from surfaces and make any obstacle into a game of ‘how can I get over with the fewest touches’. Pretty cool skills in my book.  Quenton has been loving it. Some of the skills can be quite a challenge and it takes perseverance but he is starting to master the basics. 

As I dug a little, I found out Parkour is based on classic military obstacle course training and some consider it a non violent martial art.  There are classes, informal groups and competitions in Parkour for adults and kids. Very cool indeed. 


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