NOLA Day 1

After a relatively restful nights sleep we got up and exploring!  After breakfast we pack lunches and took a short drive through the Algiers Neighborhood to board a ferry across the Mississippi River headed for downtown New Orleans. The ferry is big, loud, rusty and has tons of character. A great first impression for the kids!  Arriving at the downtown dock we found the place in a bit of a mess due to a festival the night before.  Making our way through the rubbish we entered the Audobon Aquarium.IMG_6263

The Aquarium is a nice one. First off was the feeding of the penguins, then through the rain forest. Near the food court there is an outdoor area where the kids got to feed parakeets. A few birds even landed on my friends back pack and one on my arm. Lots of giggles and smiles there. Then back inside to the play fishing and climbing area. Last but not least a tour through the Mississippi Delta exhibit. Would highly recommend visiting here.

Lunch outside the Aquarium along the river was pleasant , then we reboarded the ferry back to our car. By this time the little one has had enough and driving her to sleep was our best option. Turned out one of the NOLA cemetery’s you can do a driving tour of… so that is exactly what we did. The above ground burial sites are beautiful and a bit haunting. The kids liked the statues and stained glass.IMG_6316.JPG

Next off the city park. And what a park it is. Story Land is an interactive story playground. The Dragon Slide was a big hit. The park also has a regular playground with lots of climbing structures and slides. Right next door is a wonderful place to order a bunch of beignets and coffee, another of the NOLA treats to seek out.

Back at our friends house we explored the neighborhood. Their house is adjacent to the Mississippi River levy and trail. Climbing to the top we found rocks and shells and a great view of the passing boat traffic. For dinner we had take out crawfish boil, gumbo and boudin sausages, yum. A banner day in Louisiana for sure.

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