NOLA Day 3

Mardi Gras, sort of…  Mardi Gras World actually. I had no idea how big the festival truly is until our tour today. We saw a short video about its history in NOLA and then got a tour of a facility where they design and build the floats for the parades. Last year they had 56, yes 56, separate parades each put on by a different group, or crew, and each with a separate theme.

The floats on display today all had a dream theme. Each can hold upwards of 40 people throwing breads, cups and other trinkets to the crowds along the parade route. The floats also have two hidden bathrooms available for the crews as the parades can last upwards of eight hours each. Each crew also puts on a private ball during the Mardi Gras season. Our hostess was a part of the CAMAS ball this year as the Coast Guard Maid. What a cool opportunity, it is almost a completely different world down here. 

After the tour we went to the gift shop and Q picked out a small snow globe to remind him of New Orleans. He has been talking about starting a snow globe collection of each place we visit and live. This first globe  is a start to what I am sure will grow into quite a collection if he has anything to say about it. 

In the afternoon the kids played at the local playground. A bit later we hiked back up to the levy for one more explore and sea shell collecting. Our hostess with the mostest made a wonderful dinner and we got the kids for ready for bed early. Tomorrow we fly back to Northern Virginia. 

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