Air Travel with Two Littles

It is the end of our trip to NOLA and time to travel on a plane for the second time with a six year old and a 15 month old. Planning is part of it but for me being able to stay calm and happy makes the trip worth doing. How does one stay calm in the craziness of an airport with two littles alone?  Being early. And I mean EARLY!

If we have a long line at check in?  No problem, our flight doesn’t leave for almost three hours. If a diaper needs to be changed while in the security line prompting an exit and queuing back up at the end?   No worries, we have almost two hours until the flight. Kids need a run around?  I got this, find an empty gate area and run relay races to tire both of them to exhaustion. Queuing up to scramble for seats together on a SouthWest flight?  Do worries, we are all still smiling and have gotten most of our wiggles out. And then the flight… young daughter is down for the count and sleeps the whole flight. Six year old son watches a movie and we arrive back in DC without issue. To top it all off a nice man at the airport helps us with all our things to the taxi stand. NOLA trip done, another adventure in the win column. 

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