Coast Guard Kids to Work Day Play

—Dictated by my six year old son.  Enjoy…

We went to Coast Guard Headquarters, got through security and went to the gym.  The day was about people’s sons and daughter going to Coast Guard Headquarters with their dads and or moms. The gym had basketballs and basketball hoops and posters and snacks.  We signed up in the gym and got a little necklace thingy with a card for a bead.  It was our ticket to stay there and we got to keep it.  But that is for later.

Daddy and I got a Frisbee and a ball and some snacks and a water bottle.  Then we played around in the gym some more.  If felt good to be at Coast Guard day.  There were expecting 261 kids or something like that to come.  Then we went to the ceremonial entrance with all the kids.  Once we got inside there was a woman with a rifle, a man with a rifle and two men with flags.  They marched and marched until they marched themselves off the stage.  Then we got to go outside and went behind the stone pillars to watch 10 or 20 men with rifles throw the rifles up in the air and do some other things.  They did lots of other moves still holding their rifles.  Their leader didn’t have a riffle.  He kind of marched in between, around and through the men with riffles.  All the men looked the same because they all had the same dark navy blue coats, where the same height, had the same navy blue and white caps, navy blue pants, the same short haircut and their faces looked the same.  They were taller than daddy.  They were Coast Guard soldiers.

A Coast Guard helicopter flew over all of us.  It was a J-Hawk.  And then a Dolphin, a helicopter that was all orange, flew over us.  And then one of the President’s helicopters flew over us.  The President’s helicopter was farther away than the rest.  The Dolphin was closer than the President’s helicopter.  The J-Hawk was closer than the Dolphin.  We were in the stone courtyard with the stone pillars when the J-Hawk flew over us.  We were in a boat on a trailer that we were exploring when the Dolphin flew over.  We were still on the Coast Guard 300 hundred horsepower motor boat when the President’s helicopter flew over.  The boat had windshield wipers.  It also had solar paneled bouys that use sunlight for light and power.  They also had some other things like two radios that you could radio the helicopter with.  It had two 150 horse power engines and it was an Aids-to-Navigation boat.

We left the courtyard and went back to the gym.  We looked at helicopter equipment, medical equipment and regular Coast Guard Equipment.  We tried some of it on.  Some of it fit and some of it didn’t.  I wore a mask and some gloves.  I don’t know what they were for, they were just for something in the Coast Guard.  I laid in an emergency pad for people who are hurt and the pad had head blocks and straps.  It also had velcro and buckles.  We also got into a basket that people who are hurt in the water can get put into by a diver and pulled up by the helicopter’s hook.  It made me feel like I was the person hurt in the basket.  It was fun.  I hope I never get so hurt that I need to get into one of those baskets.  I’m glad that they have the baskets though.

We went back to the ceremonial entrance and did a wheel barrow race and back on the boat again.  The wheel barrow race was with your hands on the ground and someone holding your feet.  I held a girl’s feet because she couldn’t hold up mine.  They were too heavy.  It was fun. There were no more activities after that except going to two rooms.

We went to the secret meeting room and had a meeting there.  It was about things in the Coast Guard.  It wasn’t secret because the only people in there were kids and some Coast Guard adults.  We watched a short video about things in the Coast Guard.  I don’t remember what the video was about.  We then went to the room with lots of screens that you can see what is going on in the building.  They make sure no bad guys go in the building.  There was nobody working in that room.  Some of the screens where for headquarters itself.  We left the two rooms and go to work day was over. We stayed in my dad’s office for about two hours to eat lunch and do some other stuff.  My dad gave me a chess game on his phone to entertain me.  I read a couple books, two, that we had brought.  And then after the work was done we went home.  Bye readers!  Thanks for reading.  Goodbye for now.

Love Quenton

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