Cross-Country Trailer Camping: A Trial Run

We are counting down to our big cross country move leaving Memorial Day Weekend. We are starting to organize and pack, sort and give away as we always do before a move. The Coast Guard has us moving every few years and this three year stint in Northern Virginia was our longest post to date. This time around we needed to add a few extra steps to our move preparations, the biggest of which was to actually try out our camping trailer for a weekend to make sure it was going to work!  

We decided to stay near home just in case things went terribly wrong. We are happy to report that, not only did things not go terribly wrong, we had a wonderful time exploring and learning about our cross country digs. Lake Fairfax Park was our destination and a great place to do some semi-urban camping.  The sites are close together but surrounded by nice woods and near the small lake. We had a Cub Scout group across from us that our son got to play with and our dog got lots of love. 

All the main systems of the camper where tried and passed with flying colors, excepting the heat. It was 90 degrees and humid so the A/C on our Sunline trailer got a good test run. It kept us nice and cool with enough reserve to take the interior down to 65 degree at one point. I think we will be OK, cooling wise at least, going the southern route cross country in early summer. Quenton got to learn about all the systems that go into a travel trailer and that was schooling for a couple days. 

Over the weekend we ran across a long list of small things we wish we had. Nothing we couldn’t live without, mind you, but comforts and conveniences that will make our trip go more smoothly. Jeff kept a running tally on his phone including such items as a better pan for pancakes and something to hold the soap in the bathroom. I would say if the weekend is any indication we will have some amazing memories and a smooth transition from east coast to west this summer. —If you want to keep up with our adventures please scroll down and press the Follow Me button at the bottom of our blog.  Enter your email address and you will get an email whenever we post. Have a wonderful day all. —

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