The Movers Are Here!

Last night I didn’t get much sleep. Not for the usual reason of a 16 month old little girl who doesn’t like to sleep more then three hours at a stretch. Last night my mind was racing going over what we need to keep back for the cross country trip, wondering if the garbage cans are empty, and thinking about where the heck I put my wallet!  You see, with a military move they send you packers. And boy do they pack every single thing. Up this morning at six am in order to double and triple check all the piles, high values item notes and I did finally find my wallet… in the diaper bag.

Jeff had gotten up even earlier, at 4:30am, to take Pearl to the airport. Pearl is our 11 year old Japanese Spitz. She is getting to spend the next couple weeks snuggling with Nana and Papa in Seattle. The move will be a great deal less stressful without a dog underfoot.

The packers, all four of them, arrived a little before 9am ready to go. We did a quick walk through pointing out all of the important items to note on the packing list. It was then time for me to take both the kids to Compass Homeschool and leave my incredibly capable husband to direct the may-lay.  I can’t even tell you how happy I am that he gets to take the moving days off to supervise the packing and loading. It is right in his wheel house and it allows the kids and me to escape the chaos for a bit.

At the end of the day they are almost done packing, will finish up boxing our closets tomorrow and ready for the movers to load our belongings into a truck on Friday. Deep breaths, here comes the beginning of our PCS adventure!

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