Keep Your Moving Packers Happy: 4 Tips

There are a great number of things to think about when moving. During a military move, also called a PCS, movers are hired to pack and move our things.  Being our sixth such move, we have found that keeping our packers happy goes a very long way to keeping us happy when the move is all done. Here are a few tips in case a move is in your future:

1) Have belongings grouped and organized.  When the packers arrive the initial walk through sets the tone for the whole packing experience.  If we can hand them a clear list of our high value items, have all our wall hangings in one spot and notes on anything that will need special handling the reaction is one of clear relief.  The packers walk into all sorts of different situations and organization makes their job much easier.  It will also make our unpacking less of a strain.

2) Keep the kids out of the way.  Our son would love nothing more then to watch the whole packing evolution.  He would be asking a million questions! Letting him check in periodically is alright but it slows everyone down if he is constantly underfoot.  Some people don’t have the luxury of a spouse to oversee the packers. In this case we suggest having a single room where nothing needs to be packed.  Let the kids have some special treats and maybe a movie or five to keep them from being under foot.  Happier kids make for happier parents and packers.

3) Get to know the packers.  Some crew members are more forthcoming then others but as a general rule people like to feel seen and heard. Without being nosey, we have learned a little about the lives of each packer and have in turn shared stories about what they are packing. Our current crew has a military veteran, a new mom of a 4 month old, a military spouse with two children and a college student supporting himself while going to school at night. They have shared crazy packing stories as well as ideas for making the packing go even better next time.

4) Feed Everyone!  It can seem like a big expense on top of all the money spent on moving but it pays dividends in happy packers and well packed household goods.  Having cold drinks available all day is key. We tend to pick a different take-out restaurant each day and ask what everyone wants. We have heard of other families going to the supermarket and supplying sandwhich fixings and chips. A tip from our current movers, greasy pizza is not the best option. Each time is slightly different but this move we all sat down together to eat around our dining room table. Something about breaking bread together helps relax everyone. A bonus is that hunger won’t be a cause for a rush job near the end.

Do you have any tips that have helped with your packing experiences?  We would love to add to our list!  Please comment and let us know.

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