So We Still Have The Table: A Moving Adventure

The big rig rolled down our street about 9am today and driver Kenny introduced himself.  His crew of three strong men pulled up a couple minutes later in a black SUV. Today is the day all of our things where supposed to be loaded into Kenny’s truck and driven cross country to Seattle. I say supposed to be because what happened next was a new one on us. Here is the short version…

Trailers are what is called free packed for PCS moves in the continental United States. Every piece is labeled and numbered and then put into the trailer like a huge, heavy Tetris game. Depending on the weight and bulk of the shipped items, between two and four families things can usually fit into a trailer. As the trailer was opened this morning I thought we may have an issue. It looked very, very full.

Throughout the day information was passed on about the packing. It started to become more and more apparent that our things where not all going to fit. This afternoon we where told there was a last minute add on of a fourth families things yesterday of about 5000 pounds. And guess what. At the end of today we have about 5000 pounds of things still left in our home, including 77 boxes, our bikes, armoires and the dining room table. This is where things will get more complicated then any move before.

All of our boxes where labeled with blue numbered tags. Kenny labeled our furniture with orange numbered tags. But he couldn’t fit everything so now we have a tagging fiasco. We do not have a list of what tags made it into the truck.  All the tagged items left in the house where double tagged with an orange tag and a blue tag meaning we should be able to figure out what didn’t make it in the first shipment. Then on to the more complicated part. We don’t know who with or when the rest of our things will be shipped. And they will have to tag everything that has not been tagged with yet another color and number set… including the table.

What this all seems to boil down to is that tracking our things and making sure we get everything delivered in Seattle just became a cluster.  The next step is to make a bunch of calls Monday to arrange for the second pick-up. T-minus seven days until the cross country drive commences…

Do you have any crazy mover stories?  We would love to hear about them!  Please tell us in the comments below.

Update:  Our initial packing company picked up all of our left behind things. They will crate everything at their warehouse and get it to Seattle by mid-June. Here’s to hoping we actually get both shipments!  


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