Roadtrip Homeschooling: The Plan

We are taking almost three weeks to travel across the US from Vienna, Virginia to Seattle, Washington. It is late May and early June so I was tempted to just finish the school year before we left… but we find that stretching our son’s brain keeps him far happier. So, here is our roadtrip plan. Being very eclectic in our homeschool we chose what will hopefully be easy to integrate into the trip.  Following our interests through discussions, reading and research is the mainstay of our homeschool which will continue no matter where we are. 

1) Pictures. Our son will have his own digital camera. Anything along the way he is interested in he will take a picture of. We will talk about each picture as time allows and start writing a list of questions he wants to answer about the object or area.  

2) Map. We have a US map especially for writing on. Our son will help plot our route and then record where we go and when we get there. If we have time we will also note where each picture was taken. 

3) Journal. To keep up with writing, our son will keep a journal. Being six years old we will ask him to write a single sentence each day about our adventures. He can then dictate the rest of his journal to me each night. If we have time he will also illustrate the journal entry. I hope to post some of his dictation on the blog!

4) Books. Reading while going down the road can be hit or miss. Sometimes motion sickness makes reading a no go. Other times reading for hours in the car goes just fine. We brought several long chapter books and downloaded many more onto the iPad.  Books on CD are also another option we will employ. I am sure the Little House series will be enjoyed by everyone in the truck. 

 5) Art. Our son LOVES to draw so we found a way to bring a small suitcase of colored pencils and pads of sketch paper. My wish is that he will practice the drawing techniques we have learned this year. Mostly I hope it will keep him occupied and happy down the road. 

6) Math. This is the one area where I am bringing more traditional academic books with us. Life of Fred has been a supplement most of the year and I brought the next book to work on ad hock. We also have math logic books, math analogy puzzles and Khan Academy when we have Wi-Fi. 

This plan may be a bit ambitious or it may fit just perfectly into our trip. I’ll update everyone after our trip on what worked and what we needed to change. Anyone else done schooling while traveling?  Have some tips or tricks?  Please share them in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “Roadtrip Homeschooling: The Plan

  1. What a wonderful, exciting adventure you all are undertaking! We are looking forward to watching your progress and pictures along the way! Have a great time!! **Hugs**

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