Day 1 Vienna to Abingdon VA: Road Trip 2017

Making 350 miles by 2:30pm with only a 15 minute crying jag puts us in the driving win column for today. The seventeen month old was crying, not everyone else!  We stopped at two different rest areas and made a third stop for sandwhiches and gas along I-81. Virginia rest stops are pretty nice, the first had a little hike through the woods to a nice picnic area. The second rest area was a treasure trove of small wildlife for our children to explore and take pictures of. Finding a place for gas was interesting as the trees make it impossible to see any buildings or signs from the freeway. A maps app seems to be a must. 

We decided to make our first stop for the night in Abingdon VA. Jeff’s greatgrand father ‘homesteaded’ in the Abingdon area. We still have family in the area including a great uncle and some cousins. The old family cabin is sure a sight. It sits right next to a small river we watched roll by with the water almost flooding the banks. 

Our camping choice tonight was a swing and a miss. A cultural experience and relatively safe but muddy, loud, close quarters and with the thunder storm raging we wonder if the morning will find us in a shallow lake instead of a field. We are warm and dry in our camping trailer and thankful the kids are tired enough to fall asleep despite the noise. Let the adventure continue…

Anyone have an interesting camping experience you want to share with us?  Tips to find a good place from a distance (this place got 4.5 stars on google)? Please comment below!


3 thoughts on “Day 1 Vienna to Abingdon VA: Road Trip 2017

  1. Sounds like quite the adventure! That cabin looks cool, is that the actual one from Jeff’s family? Wow! And now you’re making me worry about trusting internet reviews!

    I’m in our hotel in Williamsburg with a sleeping baby right now. 🙂

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