Day 2 Abingdon VA to Nashville TN: Road Trip 2017

Up and out by 7:15 this morning. We were sitting in pretty deep mud but Jeff got us out partially hitched and we finished getting the trailer attached once we got on a flat road. Breakfast in the truck as we made miles early. Our first stop was at the Tennessee visitors center. I had no idea all of the cool things one can do in Tennessee!  We definitely want to spend a vacation just exploring this state at some point. 

By around 10am we needed gas and found a decent truck stop. The kids were pretty grumpy from a not so great night so when Q suggested we stop at the Knoxville Zoo we went for it. We went straight for the kid’s cove and spent the better part of 3 hours petting goats, climbing slides and webs, wading in a little stream and generally enjoying ourselves. My favorite animals were the cranes that had just hatched a chick a couple days before. 

Back on the road towards Nashville after lunch. Tired and happy kids did much better on the afternoon drive. L slept and Q watched a movie while we made our way to Nashville. I worked on a crochet project and chatted with Jeff as the miles went by, 290 today.  Stopped for groceries at Kroger and we pulled into the East Nashville KOA about 4pm. 

Worlds different tonight. Our camping spot is level, dry and quiet with a fire pit and table. Q and L enjoyed splashing around in the pool while Jeff got the trailer set. The resident chickens joined us for al fresco dining and we ended the day with a walk and some s’mores. What started as a cranky day today turned into an all around good time. Night all!  


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