Day 3 Nashville TN to Memphis TN: Road Trip 2017

What a beautiful day in Tennessee. With the time change we had what felt like a leisurely morning sitting down breakfast in the camper. Got down the road at 8:25am. By ten to nine we where circling the Nissan Stadium in Nashville looking for a place to park for the morning. It has free parking directly across the rivier from downtown unless there is an event. We found easy street parking for truck and trailer. 

Crossing the river on the pedestrian and bicycle bridge gave us a great view of downtown Nashville. From all the high rise buildings under construction it is very apparent Nashville is growing fast. We walked a couple blocks in the well kept and beautifully planned downtown over to the Country Music Museum and Hall of Fame. 

Before our arrival we had been excited for the kids musical instrument petting zoo… which was closed. Bummer. The rest of the museum was well laid out and interesting from an adult perspective but not so kid friendly. Jeff was great about finding ways to make the experience fun for the kids. Lots of music to dance to and a kind of electronic scavenger hunt that Q was able to do with help. In hind sight I would probably have just walked downtown instead of doing the museum if we had known. Oh well. 

Back to the trailer for a sandwhich lunch then down the road towards Memphis. L went straight to sleep and Q stayed busy watching a movie. We ended up making it all the way from Nashville to Memphis in one go, about 250 miles. 

Memphis freeways are pretty aweful. The pavement is super bumpy and fragmented so when we finally stopped at the campground much of the well packed trailer was a jumble. The Memphis KOA campground has turned out to be a good choice. The reviews where not that great but it fits what we need. Quenton loved playing with the huge chess set, he even won a game against a young lady. The pool and the playground where also big pluses. 

We tried to find some good Memphis BBQ for dinner, a miss on that one. The ‘Best in West Memphis’ spot was closed for Memorial Day. Our second choice wasn’t so hot. Oh well, maybe next time. I think we have decided not to go into downtown Memphis again tomorrow due to the roads but to go further into Arkansas. Time for bed. Night night all. 

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