Day 5 Crater of Diamonds State Park: Road Trip 2017

Our first non-driving day of the cross country trip and we filled it up with fun. We did a quick breakfast of cereal, donned our grubbiest clothes and walk the wooded trail to the diamond mine. Lots of searching, digging, sluicing and talking later we hiked back with half of a five gallon bucket worth of pretty rocks. 

Lunch consisted of roast beef sandwiches, fruit and salad from our now well stocked pantry. While I got L down for a nap Q and Jeff headed over to the pool. Not exactly a pool actually, more like a mini water park. They kept busy with the slides and spray park until L woke up so we could join them. Being a relatively hot day it was the perfect break from digging. 

After an early dinner of hamburgers Jeff grilled up we all headed back to the mine about 5pm. More exploring, sluicing and running about. L especially liked picking up small handfuls of washed rocks and throwing them!  Jeff and Quenton stayed on at the mine until it closed at 8pm… the ladies retired to the campsite about 6:45. Got a call a couple minutes before 8 from Jeff upset that he needed the credit card in order to return the equipment we rented…  seems the number over the phone from me did the trick. Note to self: Even in rural Arkansas when mining for diamonds one still needs to carry a credit card at all times!

We had a beautiful, hot hardwood fire and roasted more marshmallows tonight. L fell asleep on my lap by the fire. Q almost crawled into his bed about 9:30. All and all it was a good day. Quenton is already requesting we come back and I am totally game for it. 


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