Day 6 Crator of Diamonds AR to Denton TX: Road Trip 2017

This has been the hairiest day of driving. I am not even sure where to start. Guess I should start with waking up in the beautiful campground this morning. We all stayed up way too late last night so even L didn’t wake up until 7:45am. Jeff finished getting the trailer ready to tow, checking the lights and hitch. L, Q and I stowed all the stuff we had taken out over the past two days. We ate a quick bite of fruit and cereal and headed down the road about 9:20am. 

I should say that Crator of Diamonds State Park is in rural Arkansas and we are heading into Texas today. We decided to wind our way down to I-30 and then head north of Dallas to camp at the Denton KOA. As we left on the country roads the sky was looking ominous. Just as we crossed the Texas border the torrent of rain came crashing down. We slowed and Jeff was masterful at keeping us steady. What seemed like a long time later but was probably only 20 minutes the rain started to let up and I remembered to take a picture. 

The sky began to clear and I was starting to relax. Then we began to pass some crazy sights on our left. The rain had caused several big rigs to skid off the highway and into ditches or up the banks of the road. There were also several smaller vehicles that had crashed into one another. The traffic going the other direction was at a stand still. Flashing lights could be seen coming in the distance. Sufficed to say I am incredibly grateful Jeff is a calm driver under pressure. Thus far on the trip I have been navigator and Jeff has been driver which suits both of us well. 

We found our way through Nashville(AR), Forman, New Boston, Sulfer Spring and then stopped for lunch at a small truck stop just before Greenville TX after L woke from her nap. Jeff was brave enough to try their tacos, 10 for $10 though he ordered only 3. I opted to make a sandwich in the trailer. Jeff had backed it in between two semi trucks. On the road again after an hour plus break we tried to avoid the crazy traffic and heavy toll roads that surround Dallas. We thus found ourselves alternately in open farm country and stop and go traffic lights through suburban sprawl. A couple fun observations included donut shops absolutely everywhere, a CVS at an intersection surrounded by corn fields and a local chain called Whataburger. Not so wonderful where the many times people cut in front of us way too close, the crazy 60 mile per hour highway with stop lights every mile and of course the white truck that refused to let us merge in from the left coming up to a construction zone. I did say it was a hairy driving day, didn’t I?  

We arrived at the Denton KOA about 4:00pm after 260 crazy miles to find the campground is really a back lot to an RV dealer…  much better than night number one of the trip but not what we had in mind. The spot is clean, flat, relatively quiet and has a playground so no major complaints. We did have a couple items break along the way so we found replacements at the RV parts shop. And the kids love the playground so it could be far worse. 

I got to take a little time away and drive to get take out. Decided on BBQ hoping to find something good this time. Jackpot. Real Southern BBQ with all the sides. We all have happy full tummies tonight. Tomorrow we head into Dallas… tired me is off to bed. 

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