Day 7 Legoland!: Road Trip 2017

Today was a great day!  For so many reasons, our day felt like it was supposed to happen. Let me try to explain. Almost exactly three years ago we were moving cross country west to east and stopped in Kansas City. We spent the day at Legoland and then met with our adoption team at American Adoptions. Three years go by and Q ‘finally’ gets to go back to Legoland, this time in Dallas as we move back west, with his amazing little sister L in tow. We got to ride the rides, watch the 4D movies, climb the play structures and build with the Legos this time as a family of four. My heart is smiling. 

Torrents of rain, thunder and lightening all around us as the afternoon turned into evening. We snuggled into the camper, ate left overs out of the tetras game known as our fridge and the kids did some art.

Our plan was to get up early tomorrow to make miles but the storms rolling through changed our mind. With a break in the weather we put the kids in PJs and are headed towards Amarillo TX on 287 as I pen this. We will likely pull over at a rest stop for the night in a couple hours. 

Love to all. Night night. 

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