Day 9 Pueblo CO to Torrington WY: Road Trip 2017

We made it to Grandma and Grandpa’s farm!  Starting out this morning we weren’t sure what the day would bring or if the kids would make it here. It was a late night arriving at 8pm. Bedtime was a bit crazy with all the excitement of getting to the farm so I didn’t get this out last night. 

Our first stop was Colorado Springs and the Manitou Cliff Dwellings followed by the Garden of the Gods. We spent a little more than half the day and that was not nearly enough. Colorado Springs has made it to our list of places to come for a much longer visit!


 L fell asleep so we hit the road and made it past Denver to Johnson’s Corner CO for a pit stop. L did her first blow out of the trip so we did a quick cleaning and plan to deep clean her seat at Grandmas. 

It was getting late but with less then 2 hours until Torrington we decided to push on…  L was having none of it. Another longer stop at Lion’s Park in Cheyenne WY. Great park!!  

Then one last push to Jeff’s childhood home. A long good day. 

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