Day 10 Mill Iron D Ranch: Road Trip 2017

Mill Iron D Ranch is my husband’s childhood home and the center of our Wyoming family.  Grandma and Grandpa raise cattle, grow fields of alfalfa hay, have a big house garden and keep many animals. Life out here is a world away from our daily experience and such a wonderful change of pace. 

L absolutely loved all the animals today. She pet the horses, the cats, the dogs, even giggled at the cows mooing. Another favorite was riding on the four wheeler with daddy or mama (very slowly around the yard).  L ran around at Grandma Hope’s house giddily sticking plastic farm animals in her mouth. Super cute to be sure. 

Q had an extremely busy day. Jeff and his brother Tavis took Q four wheeling up to the cattle lease and Toggy Mound. He found all sorts of interesting rocks, treasures and flowers along the way. Q also got a tractor driving lesson from Grandpa. He eventually got to drive it himself while sitting on Grampa’s lap. 

The evening was looking good with homemade beef stew a la Grandma when Q said he didn’t feel so hot. Half hour later he was throwing up all over Grandpa’s bed and then the bathroom. Poor kid. Hoping he just over did it today and it is not a bug. Everyone else is fine so far, knock on wood. Jeff and Q are sleeping in the house tonight so Q can be in a real bed near a real bathroom just in case. L is fast asleep and now it is my turn. Night all. 

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