Day 12 Wheatland WY: Road Trip 2017

In honor of our son’s seventh birthday we left the trailer behind at the farm and traveled to Wheatland WY and the foothills of Laramie Peak. Q and Ls cousins live in Wheatland, Jeff’s brothers family, just outside Wheatland with their own small herd of animals. 

We spent the first few hours at the cousins house. Playing with the 4H goats, petting their five horses, pulling out lots of toys inside, banging on the piano and trying out their WiiU. 

When Jeff’s brother got off work we all got in the trucks and headed up into the foothills of Laramie Peak. They purchased 160 acres in the Flying J Ranch area so we got to go up and visit. 

They have a large shed where the kids got to ride scooters while a dinner of burgers, beans and fruit was prepared. 

After a bite to eat we ventured into their property and farther up into some neighboring land. Q and Jeff took one four wheeler, cousin and Grampa took another and the rest of us rode in an SUV. We explored an old cabin and a mountain stream, a pond and some trails. Absolutely beautiful and remote as can be. 

Back to their property for cake and presents and more play. Then a late ride back to Torrington area with an amazing light show in the clouds to guide us home. 


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