Day 13 Working Cattle at Mill Iron D: Road Trip 2017

We got to help with some real farm work today. Grandma and Grampa have about 60 head of cattle that usually give birth in the winter. They have a few baby cows, known as calves, that are a month or so old but the rest are getting to be four or five months. At this point they all need two vaccines. How does one vaccinate a calf?  Today we got to watch and even help in the action. 

First the cow and calf pairs where driven from their fields up into pens near the house. This involves four wheelers, long sticks and lots of yelling. Once all the pairs are in the pen Jeff and Gramdma got the task of separating the cows out into another adjacent pen while Grampa worked the calves into yet a third pen with an alley and chute attached. 

One by one the calves where driven down the alley into the chute, stopped at the end by a head catch. Grandma then gave the two shots into the brisket and the calf was freed to go back to its mom. 

Q watched from the gates or on the four wheeler, alternating between asking questions and just taking it all in. L fell asleep in the stroller so I parked her in the adjacent barn for a snooze. 

Today is also the day water comes into the ditch. Basically this means the ditches or small canals that run through the farms will slowly fill with water from upstream lakes. Once the water is fully in the hay and wheat fields can be irrigated. Each farm has a certain amount or feet of water they can pull onto the fields. This allows those downstream to have enough as well. Q just wanted to wait for the water to roll in and go wading in it. Can’t blame him on this hot and sunny June day!  


One thought on “Day 13 Working Cattle at Mill Iron D: Road Trip 2017

  1. WE are all looking forward to your arrival in a week.  The posts have been wonderful. Your house is almost repainted and it , too has open arms.   Papa Tom


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