Day 14 Cheyenne WY: Road Trip 2017

Our last day before hooking up the trailer and hitting the road again was spent with half of us on the farm, the other half in Cheyenne. 

We spent the morning all together visiting with Grandma Hope. Such a sweet woman, I am so glad to have gotten to know her over the years. We laughed and talked and the kids especially liked the chocolate chip cookies she passed out.  And there is always a fresh pot of coffee on for her many visitors. 

After an early lunch I took Q, along with Grandma, the 90 or so miles to Cheyenne WY.  The town is definitely worth a visit if you are passing through. We shopped at a great used clothing store called Once Upon A Child. I have to stop here every time we visit because of the high quality items in such an organized and budget friendly place.  Next Q and I went to Lions Park for some water fun. 

Q decided he want to try a peddle boat out with mama! There was a strong wind so we stayed to the near side of the small lake. Super fun time. 

Afterwards we spent a chunk of time at the Children’s Village at the Botanical Gardens. The main gardens are under construction but if the Children’s Village is any indication they will be fantastic! 

Before we left Cheyenne we grabbed dinner with Uncle Tavis and Grandma. Q didn’t want to let Tavis go. It was so sweet!  He really looks up to his Uncles. 

We got back to the farm at about 6:30pm to a happy Jeff and L. They had a wonderful day as well exploring the farm one year old style. We started to organize and repack the trailer before bed.  On to more traveling adventures tomorrow!


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