Day 15 Torrington to Douglas WY: Road Trip 2017

So today was my birthday. And to be perfectly honest it didn’t much feel like it.  With all the change, moving, traveling the day was just another day. Strange really.

We got all packed up and spent one last morning with Grandma Hope. L took her picture with my phone. 

Said goodbye to Grandma and Grampa’s farm and the cousins. 

And drove the two hours to Douglas WY. Douglas is the home of Jeff’s sister Becky. It is a cute small town and home to several events including State Fiar. We were going to attend Jackalop Days but that ended up being a bust. 

There is a natural bridge about 20 minutes away that we explored instead with Becky. It is a nice little park and one can both ease in the water below and hike up to the top. 

Swung by the grocery store for supplies and I picked up a chocolate cake on our way to dinner with Aunty Becky and family. Grandma and Grampa drove up for dinner as well. Yummy burgers, salad, fruit and cake. L, Q and I ate lots of cake together though most others didn’t partake. Spent the evening hanging out and chatting and then getting the kids to bed way way too late. 

Tomorrow is another day and should be a fun one. 


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