Day 16 Douglas WY to Thermopolis WY: Road Trip 2017

We had an absolutely beautiful drive today. Desolate roads rolling over the Wyoming high plains followed by the scenic Wind River Canyon. At the end of the canyon we came to the small town of Thermopolis WY and the Eagle RV Campground. Tight spaces but nice facilities and even nicer people made Eagle a good stop. 

We got up and out fairly early in order to have a good chunk of time in Thermopolis. This little town packs a lot of punch.  Interesting attractions include the hot springs, dinosaur center, petroglyphs, historical museum, white water rafting and whiskey making. We spent the afternoon at Hot Springs State Park and Star Plunge riding water slides and soaking in the mineral spring fed pools. Once you get over the sulphur smell it was serious fun in some very warm water. (The water park is fed by a mineral spring producing 2.2 million gallons of 127 degree water per day including at least 27 different minerals. My science geek side is fascinated by how this all works!)

There are two BIG water slides and a third smaller one. Q and Jeff went down them a bunch of times and then I got to go with Q. They get you some serious speed!  Very proud of Q for tackling them.  

Jeff went off the 10 foot high diving board into the deep end of the spring pool, several times. L smiled and laughed as she watched and Q chanted. Not long after, the question was asked… is mama going to do the jump?  Was I chicken?  Well, after a bit of deep breathing at the end of the board I made the jump. Then I did it again. Pretty proud of myself and I actually enjoyed it the second time!  

After the water park for about 3 hours we dried off and explore the swinging bridge and rainbow terraces at Hot Springs State Park. Walking across the moving bridge over the fast flowing water was amazing and the view of the terraces entering the river was worth the walk. 

We grabbed some food at the Dairy Shack and headed back the the campground for dinner, playground fun and an early night. There is so much more we want to explore here. It is another place that has made our must visit again list. 

The skies have now opened up and we have quite a light show as well. Snug in our camper and calling it a night. 

–We got a call this afternoon that our dog Pearl was attacked by a racoon at my parents house last night. Looks like she will be fine but please keep her in your thoughts.–


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