Day 18 Big Timer MT to Lewis and Clark Caverns MT: Road Trip 2017

The storm that rolled in last night blew and rattled until morning. The rain was still coming down when we awoke. We decided to have a lazy breakfast and hope that the weather let up.  We packed up and bundled up with a temperature of 45 degrees Fahrenheit. 

We made our way back to Big Timber and then west on I-90. L stayed awake but mostly happy as we made the two or so hour drive to the Three Forks area. We stopped for lunch at Montana Wheat Bakery and Deli. Yum yum. Local breads and pastries, sandwiches and soups in a happy atmosphere. And the weather did finally break!  Cold for June but no rain so our adventures could commence. 

Down the road once more the 17 miles into Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park. The camping area is basic with only electric but is nicely laid out. If the weather was better it would probably have been one of the top camping spots of the trip. L had fallen asleep so Jeff unhooked the trailer and we drove up the mountain four miles to the cavern trailhead. 

Q and I got tickets for the cave tour and explored the small museum while L slept and Jeff read in the truck. Someone came shouting for a physician or medical personnel soon there after. By the time I got over to see what was going on a medic had volunteered to help so I found and sat with the granddaughter.  It felt good to help the young lady feel safe and somewhat calm while her grandmother was helped by others eventually into an ambulance.  Sending healing thoughts to the family. 

We made our 3:15 cave tour and had a blast.  It was a steep 0.75 miles to the cave enterance and lots of stairs, sliding and tight squeezes inside. Q had lots of questions and saw all sorts of fun shapes in the rock formations.  L at one year old was carried in my front pack exploring a mile of caves in just under two hours.  There were many points where I had to lean over so she was almost upside down… and she laughed!  The only points where she cried where when we stopped and had to listen to the guide. Not one for long winded speeches this one!

After the caves we headed back down the mountain to the camper. I cooked burgers on the grill while Jeff played with the kids at the playground. After dinner we were starting the bedtime routine when a ranger came by and told us of a talk on Montana Bats at the visitors center at 8pm. Why not?  It turned out to be quite entertaining and enlightening.

Back to the trailer for bedtime routine super late. Both kids in bed by 9:45… now it is our turn. 


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