Day 19 Lewis and Clark Caverns MT to Missoula MT: Road Trip 2017

Morning at the caverns campsite was pleasant. We devoured the sticky buns bought last night at Montana Wheat and then played for a bit on the play-structures before packing up and heading down the road. We went west along a windy narrow canyon following the Jefferson River until we met up with I-90 once more. Westward we went for a short way taking exit 241 East of Butte MT. We unhooked the trailer in a gravel lot next to the off ramp and headed out four-wheeling into adjacent public lands…

Three years ago heading cross country West to East we stopped at a place called Ringing Rocks in a Montana. Q had read about the rocks in his Wierd Rocks book and we found two places in the US that have them, Montana and Pennsylvania. Ringing Rocks MT is about 5 miles up tracks into the forest that only a four-wheel drive truck or ATV should attempt. Today, we returned to find the tracks well signed but otherwise much the same.  We had the site mostly to ourselves. 

The rocks truly do ring like bells of different tones!  Each of us, including L with her tiny hammer, explored the enormous pile of rocks. Jeff and Q made their way to the very top and back down the other side. L and I stayed nearer to the bottom and went around to meet the boys. We then all hiked the rest of the pile circumference together, probably a half mile or so. 

We met a care taker spraying weeds on our way out and talked a bit about the area. Turns out there are over 80 miles of trails, forests and lakes to explore surrounding the rock pile. They even have off-road bike races on parts of the public property. We see ourselves coming back again next time we are in Montana. It is a very unique site. 

L fell asleep as we made our way back to the trailer and hooked up. We headed on I-90 west yet again and made it just past Missoula MT before L woke up and we stopped. Our campground tonight, River Edge Resort, is an OK one. It is on the Clark Fork River, is clean, well treed and not too tightly packed. There is a strange feeling about it though. You actually check into the campground at the bar on site where you can hear the slot machines in the casino next door. Strange but no harm done. 

Grilled chicken sausages for dinner and enjoyed what will be our last campfire of the trip tonight. S’mores were a must and we finished burning our firewood. Tomorrow night we will be in high fire hazard country so no open flames. Night night from Montana!


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