First Weeks in Seattle: A lesson in sparse living and patience

We arrived in Seattle two weeks ago. Our things will arrive on Monday. And my husband will arrive on Sunday after traveling to California to start his new job. The cross country trip was a blast and the transition to living in an empty house a challenge. 

We hit the ground running checking off two school tours, picking up our Chickens from my sisters house, several doctors visits, Costco shopping runs, an art camp at Thrive for Q, starting with a writing/OT tutor, a few well deserved play dates and a ton of yard work. We unpacked the trailer into the house, using the mattresses on the floor to sleep on. A friend has already come to stay overnight in our empty home… luckily the backyard and nice weather made it pleasant.  Q got to pick out his 7th birthday present, a 24 inch bike. And we got our new couch delivered yesterday. Hurray for a place to sit!

For schooling I think we have decided to join Three Dragons Academy for next year. It is a two day a week arts, music and theater program geared towards homeschoolers or those doing online schooling. It is set up like a Montessori classroom with curated projects at each center and is very child directed. Hoping it is a perfect compliment to our more math and science oriented homeschooling. The writing/OT coach Jane did a wonderful evaluation of Qs writing and found several issues which correcting will hopefully make writing much easier and faster. Yay for early intervention!  Later this week I’ll give you all a run down of what worked for cross country homeschooling and what didn’t. 

We also had to hit the beach with this relatively warm weather. Needless to say we have kept very busy and are looking forward to unpacking this coming week. Cheers all!

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