Another (shorter) Roadtrip Begins

We moved to Seattle Washington in mid-June and my husband left three days later for California. His assigned Coast Guard ship, the Polar Star, is in dry dock there. He was able to fly back up for a week to help with delivery and unpacking of household goods and he has been in CA since. We miss him terribly, and the car needs to get back up to Seattle, so here comes another road trip!

The kids and I fly down to California incredibly early and arrive at 8 am to the hopefully smiling face of Daddy. The plan is to spend several days in the Bay Area and then drive north. We are so looking forward to the family time again. The last road trip spoiled us all with 24/7 family bonding. 

As for homeschooling, we have gotten back into the groove here. Q has struggled with handwriting a great deal so we brought in a handwriting tutor. She has worked wonders in the past 6 weeks!  Handwriting practice, daily, WILL happen on this roadtrip. We have moved past multi-digit addition and subtraction to weights and measures with math. To practice his mental addition and subtraction skills I threw in a  couple of card games he has taken to including Zeus on the Loose and Clumsy Theif. Otherwise, learning will take place organically.  L wants to do everything just like big brother so I am bringing paper and pencils for her to scribble along with us. 

Hoping to post daily for the next little while. Wish us luck with our newest adventure!


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