Seattle WA to Travis AFB via Oakland and Vallejo

Wow. A first day of travel jam packed starting with a 3am wake up to catch the plane from SeaTac airport to Oakland California. My brother drove us in our truck to the airport and got us there in plenty of time. We had sent car seats down in the back of the car so no need to check any, very nice. 

Jeff was at the airport to greet us, yay!  Both kids were glued to him. I wedges my way in there as well for a bit. Dropped Jeff off at work for the day and headed north towards Travis Airforce Base. We had some time to kill before check in so we went to the Jelly Belly Factory.

The factory was really cool!  I had no idea what all went into making candy on such a large scale. And the process to make the hard outside of the jelly bean and keeping it the right shape and polishing it… such an interesting process. Q was mesmerized by it all. L loved smelling and tasting as we went. 
A quick stop at subway and we made it to the hotel. West Wind Inn on Travis is much nicer than I expected. After calling several times to see if a room was available we showed up at 12:30. I explained that L REALLY needed a nap and asked if there was any way we could get a room. They were nice enough to switch us to a much larger place than we reserved with a full kitchen for $3 more a night. Done deal. We all got a nice nap in. 

Upon waking we headed to the base pool. Not overly impressed but it was cold and clean and relatively empty. The kids enjoyed getting wet and got some of the wiggles out from the plane and car. 
Jeff was delayed getting up to the hotel by a car mixup at the shipbso we he was to th commissary on base and picked up dinner. Finishing up the meal at the kitchen table, Jef arrived to much jumpingnup and down and more barnicle like behavior. 

Out to the playground and a walk around some of the planes on display. All in all, a good first full day. 


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