Exploring San Francisco via ferry from Vallejo

We had a bit of a lay-in this morning and hit the road at about 9am. Due to the car mixup yesterday Jeff was with us in the morning and we drove him the the Polar Star for work. After dropping him off we made our way to the Vallejo Ferry Terminal to board a passenger ferry to San Fransisco. 

The ferry took about an hour and we got a great view of the bay. We arrived at the Embarcadero, the waterfront walk along the city, and started walking. We ended up walking the entire length. L was riding in a stroller most of the way. On our way back we stopped at Boudin Bakery, took a tour and went to grab food. The cafe was packed and crazy but the nice restaurant upstairs was quiet and beckoning. Do I dare with two hungry kids?  Yes I do. 

They both did amazingly well!  And the tomato salad was amazing. The bread bowl full of soup wasn’t half bad either. On the way out we got two loaves of bread, one shaped like a turtle, the other a bear. Pretty neat place and the tour of how they make the bread is fast, free and well worth it. 

Afterwards we walked over to the aquarium. We were so wrapped by the exhibits we didn’t take any pictures!  For the price, it was not all that great, but the kids really enjoyed it. Q wanted to take an old fashioned tram back to the ferry, so that is what we did. 

Ferry ride back to Vallejo was smooth but not before our last stop to get fancy ice cream. Back to Travis AFB for the night and ready to hit the road north tomorrow. 


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