North from Travis AFB via Mare Island to Willits CA

Rough night so a slow going morning. Jeff went in to work before dawn so we cold hit the road before traffic got crazy. The kids and I packed up, did laundry and checked out of the Windward Inn on Travis AFB about 10am. 

We had some time to kill before picking up Jeff so we headed to the Heritage Museum on the base. Free and easy to get to as a military family, you can also go to the main gate and get a visitors pass if you are not military.  We were really impressed by the Air Force history and large number of planes to explore. L and Q loved the simulators. The Mercury simulator moved up and down so the kids enjoyed playing in it for more then 10 minutes. 

We had a light snack and then headed down to the Polar Star in dry dock at Mare Island to pick up daddy. Liberty was grant d at noon and Jeff was able to leave by 1pm. Slow traffic and a cranky girl had us stop in Petaluma CA for a snack break. Back on the road and we made it to Willits CA and a KOA for our first night of camping. 

The Willits KOA is honestly crazy. It has many activities for kids and family’s and the sights are packed in very tightly. We arrived about 4:30pm without a reservation. They had a ‘secret’ site not on the map still available. Turns out it was a huge blessing. It was a group site and shelter across a small river from everyone else. Calm, large and relatively quiet. Yay!  

Quick trip into town for dinner, back to the KOa for icecream and then exploring the property until bed. We for further than planned today so we will be seeing more of the Redwood Trees tomorrow. Night. 


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