Willits CA to Klamath CA via the Redwoods

We got up and packed out of the KOA campground in Willits by 9am. There seemed little rush as the entrance to Avenue of the Giants, a 31 mile side road through redwood forest, was a little under an hour and a half away. Stopping at a local donut shop for breakfast, we then headed North on highway 101. The climate got cooler and the drive more forested. Then a sign… highway 101 open with up to 40 minute delays. Google says we are good to go, no delay, it’s the weekend, right?  Well no, we got to the part of the road that was partially washed out and stopped for the one way traffic to come from the north. The kids did great. Right as we were getting ready to move the woman in the car ahead of us got out and came back. Their car was dead and needed a jump. Jeff did a quick turn around the wrong way and we jumped the car. Felt good to help. The flagger came back and stopped traffic so we could turn around and head towards the redwoods. Long, interesting start to the day. 

Founders Grove Trail was amazing. We got up close to trees that are over 1000 years old.

We went through Eureka, stopped to play at the beach, more miles of redwoods and camped for night in Klamath CA. A good day to be sure. 


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