Mt Vernon Tulip Festival: First (Mini) Road Trip as a Family of Five

Well, we made it… with a six weeks old, a two year old and a seven year old. Not only did we make it but we actually had a good time on a day that could easy have been otherwise for a myriad of reasons, past and present. The Tulip Festival was a success. The kids did great in the truck sitting three across…

My homeschooling mama side had a blast laughing up a storm playing homophone and confusion word games with Jeff and the kids as we drove. At just over an hour we made it to the fields without a crying fit or a tantrum. The kids did great too!

First up was the tractor ride around the fields. It had been four years since our last visit but Quenton remembered the ride and wanted a repeat. We boarded the trailer and found a back corner to watch the fields go by. This years Tulip crop was smaller than years ago but just as beautiful. The older man driving they tractor stopped many times so we could take pictures or study the flowers a bit better. All smiles from our crew, well, kind of. Getting everyone looking in the same direction can certainly be a challenge!

R woke up and needed to eat so I found a corner to breastfeed while Jeff took Q and L around the display gardens. They found two flowers they especially liked so, of course, we had to order some bulbs for the fall. As I finished feeding R Jeff came over with a cinnamon roll for all the share. A little fortification for the rest of perusing the flower displays and kites. L’s favorite where the giant kites and the small fish flags.

We walked the edge of the fields a bit. Each different Tulip type was beautiful in its own right. I do wish the blooms stayed around for a longer time.

We headed back down the road and had our first Terrible Temper Tantrum of the day! Luckily only ten minutes down the road was a Five Guys. Burgers, fries and peanuts later we were all doing better and ready to go the hour back south to our Seattle home.

Four years ago we visited the Tulips with the hope of having a family of five. And now that dream has become an amazing reality. I am feeling very blessed.

Cheers y’all.


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